Abbe Lyons, lead vocals, guitar, hand percussion
Will Fudeman, mandola, mandolin, guitar, supporting vocals
Mahmud Burton, oud, guitar, frame drum, dumbek
David Frumkin, violin, guitar, supporting vocals
John Simon, guitar, supporting vocals
Jon Hilton, electric bass

Infusing Middle Eastern and cantorial music into American folk, rock, blues and jazz sounds, Enlivening texts which draw from Jewish scriptural and prayer sources as well as modern experience. 
In the spirit of Jewish Renewal, we seek to inspire ethical and spiritual growth inextricably intertwined with social action
1. The Ninevites (Fudeman)
2. Collegetown (Simon)
3. Sh’ma: Listen (Fudeman, Lyons, Waskow)
4. Sh'ma: Breath of Life (Fudeman, Lyons, Waskow)
5. Sh'ma: Fringes (Fudeman, Lyons, Waskow)
6. Behind the Clouds (Tenney)
7. First Step (Barenblat, Fudeman, Lyons)
8. Isaiah Lives! Open Up (Fudeman, Lyons, Waskow)
9. Isaiah Lives! Cry Out Aloud (Fudeman, Lyons, Waskow
10. Isaiah Lives! Share Your Bread (Fudeman, Lyons, Waskow)
11. Source of All the Universe (Lyons)
The Ninevites
Behind the Clouds
First Step
Isaiah Lives!
Source of All the Universe
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VIDEO!!! Isaiah Lives! with art by Michael Bogdanow